Darling Downs Baby has been ‘birthed’ from Sunshine Coast Baby, the brainchild of Natalie Stokell of Placenta Vitality.
Natalie created Sunshine Coast Baby after she found herself at networking events with a stack of flyers from other pregnancy and birth professionals to give to her own clients.
She thought how much easier it would be if everything was in one place for her to give to her own clients, and for others in the baby business field to give to their clients too – and we agree!
Sunshine Coast Baby has now become a trusted resource for new and existing Mamas.
It is now thriving and into its fifth year and following in its success, we are now launching our own edition –
Darling Downs Baby.

Having a baby is a new phase and it can be hard to know where to turn to for information to guide you in this time, whether it’s your first or your last baby!

Darling Downs Baby will provide parents with a quick and easy reference to high quality baby and mama related businesses on the Darling Downs and in the South west Queensland region. It will also provide interesting stories about businesses, products and services they can make use of to help them in their parenting journey. Owning and running my own local businesses Blissful Beyond Birth Placenta Encapsulation Service and Full Circle Nurture DNA Jewellery I know just how useful this magazine will be for both our clients and our businesses! I’ve been working with pregnant women and new Mamas since 2016 and am also a Mama of 4. I’m super passionate about bringing our community together and supporting each other and Darling Downs Baby is going to be an amazing resource in helping to achieve this!

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