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Every child needs to move. It’s just a matter of how. And there’s no better foundation for all types of movement than gymnastics.

It’s more important than ever that children participate in regular sport and exercise. It’s vital that we teach our children to move regularly – and that’s something that needs to start as early as possible. The length and quality of their life will depend on it. And at Allstars, early years movement opportunities start as early as 6 weeks old with our babies class, and continue for crawlers and confident walkers, right up to five years old.

Our early years programs are carefully designed to stimulate both cognitive and physical growth in a developmentally appropriate way, as well as increasing proprioceptive awareness, coordination, and social awareness. Our fun and active classes include movement and exploration of the dominant movement patterns, as well as fine motor activities.

Our early years classes will give your child the best start possible in life, and will set them up for a healthier and more confident future. With fantastic modern facilities, expert and caring staff with a genuine heart for growth and achievement, and fun and challenging programs, gymnasts at Allstars are given the chance to fly high – each and every day – as we set their feet on the path to a fit, active and healthy life.


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181 Bridge Street, North Toowoomba Toowoomba, QLD, Australia
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