The women of Toowoomba and the Darling Downs are in good hands with the team at Evolve Women’s Health.

Dr David Chettle and Dr Matthew Stinson last year welcomed a new Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr Christina Stevenson, to the team.

Being a female in a women’s health specialty, Dr Christina believes she can provide a different insight into the issues that affect women.

“Women deserve the choice of a female doctor should that make them more comfortable and more likely to engage with their health needs. Being female myself I have personal insight into not just the health issues affecting women but also the larger societal issues”, she said.

“David, Matthew and I have different but complimentary personality types and I know they both felt very strongly about the need for more female O&G’s in Toowoomba, particularly for teenagers.

“Seeing a male doctor about your pelvic health can be a daunting situation, so I think it’s really important that women have a number of specialists from which to choose,” she said.

The clinical team at Evolve Women’s Health embrace a multi-disciplinary approach to women’s health care, incorporating the expertise of physiotherapists Kristine Gosden and Sarah Carmichael, into the day-to-day treatment of their patients.

Dr Matthew said that many women’s health issues benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach, including such health concerns as pelvic pain, prolapse, urinary and bowel concerns.

“I have seen a significant improvement in patient’s outcomes in terms of less pain, less symptoms and a better quality of life when patients have enlisted services of our physio in their care,” he said.

The physiotherapists at Evolve Women’s Health also offer a unique Pelvic floor assessment for pregnant women, to better provide them with information about their pelvic floor, where it’s at and what they can do to enable a better birth experience. The team provides individualised postpartum pelvic floor and abdominal muscle recovery – regardless of mode of birth.

The clinical team at Evolve also encourage proactive pre and post-surgical physiotherapy to help patients recover faster and lead a better quality of life sooner.

The team at Evolve also recently welcomed Amanda Ryan to the practice, Amanda is a Massage Therapist offering pregnancy massage as well as body and beauty services to patients and outside clientele.

Dr David said that Massage therapy specifically aids relief of not only aches and pains but also helps with relaxation for those patients who struggle with stress and anxiety, particularly in regards to pregnancy.

Evolve Women’s Health is a medical practice built around a philosophy of patient centred care.

The team at Evolve comprises 3 Specialist Obstetrician-Gynaecologists, 2 Physiotherapists, a Massage Therapist and a fantastic administration team of 6 amazing ladies. Evolve Women’s Health is located on Level 1 (Entrance 3) at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Toowoomba.

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