Pregnancy Loss
Please only read on if you are in a place to process pregnancy loss, fatal diagnosis during pregnancy and topics relating to difficult outcomes.

If this warning has triggered you please give yourself the time you need to process this post and if you need please know that there is help available.

Talk to a trusted loved one or Sands Australia have a 24/7 Support line 1300 072 637
I am so blessed to have the most wonderful job imaginable. With the joy also can come much sadness, but I am there for you.

If an appointment turns into a goodbye, I am there for you.

If your world stops turning, I am there for you.

I will not rush you out, I will allow you the space you need.

I will continue with a scan if you want me to and, I will be there for you.

Sometimes the words you don’t ever want to hear, the words no one wants to say are said.
If a scan happens and baby’s heartbeat is not visible, I will be respectful and I will be caring.

As a non diagnostic tech I am unable to formally confirm anything medical and If I feel that I cannot detect a heartbeat I will have to recommend that you present to your care provider or ER.

This does not mean that I do not care, It means that I lack the medical qualification to confirm.

I am a non diagnostic tech, I am a mother, I am a friend, I have been where you are now. I remember each time and I remember how I wish was different.

What I can do, is let you feel, let you cry and hold that space for you, I can call a trusted loved one to help with changing locations if you need to.

I will respect your privacy and make sure you can leave without on lookers.

I will be there with you, I won’t leave you if you don’t want me to. My words are used carefully.

Your appointment will not be charged, no fees are collected if you need to say goodbye.

I will forever remember you and your baby. These are moments that we keep in a special place.

If you are told before you see me that your sweet baby will not be earth side long or has already grown wings I want to give you beautiful memories to hold forever.

Forever held and forever loved, I will capture images to the best of my ability for you to have forever.

I offer appointments for you to see your angel free of charge, with images emailed to you as well as your scan recorded to beautiful music.

I know a phone call requesting this will be difficult and I can organise this through email or Facebook.

It is with so much honour that I can offer this service to families, at every stage of pregnancy, every moment of your pregnancy journey.

Much love,
Emma x

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