1. Have a chat with your photographer

Make sure you talk to your photographer before your session and find out the best time of day for your chosen location. Ask them if there’s anything you should bring. Talk to them about the kind of photos you want, and what you plan to do with them later. This will help your photographer plan their shots accordingly.

2. What to wear?

The biggest thing that people worry about before their session is what to wear! Make sure you’re comfortable and can move around easily. I usually advise mum to work out what she’s wearing and base the rest of the family around that. Choose 2-3 colours and dress everyone in tones of those colours. (Think about the colour of your décor at home, as it’s great to keep this in mind to match your photos to your home). Avoid lots of busy prints, anything too bright or with large logos. If you’re planning a haircut, have it a week before the session to allow time for it to settle down. Make sure everyone looks well-groomed with hair done and clean nails.

3. Prepare your kids (and your partner!)

Speak positively to your children (and your partner) about the session, and how they’re going to have lots of fun, and how nice the photographer is (!!). Make sure everyone is well-rested the night before. Don’t schedule your session on a day or weekend when you are super busy and have lots of activities on.

4. Pack a survival kit

It can be handy to have a few little items on hand, such as wipes, a brush, lip-liner, band-aids, drinks and snacks for the kids, and bribery (if necessary!)

5. Be prepared to have fun and relax

Come along in the mindset that it will be fun. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy this time with your family. Don’t stress about your children’s behaviour. Family photographers are usually well versed in how to deal with most situations. They know the things to say and do to get a winning photo of your family.

I’d love to help you out with your next family photo session. You can find me at belleimages.com.au, or on Facebook and Instagram.

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