Gymnastics for babies – it sounds rather unusual. When people hear that we offer gymnastics
classes for babies, and that we start as early as six weeks old, we get a lot of raised eyebrows, and
people asking, “But what can babies actually DO at gymnastics?”

It’s a good question. When you think of gymnastics, you typically think of children jumping, flipping,
twisting, tumbling, swinging and performing exciting skills on the rings or the bars – not of babies.
After all, when you can barely lift your head or sit up, how is it possible to do anything that looks
remotely like gymnastics?

Well, as it turns out, gymnastics activities are brilliant for babies. Movement and stimulation are vital
for a baby’s development and provide enormous cognitive and physical benefits that will set them
up for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Children of any age need to move and explore the world around them, and to get to know the
capabilities of their own bodies. This exploration also provides a whole world of emotional and
mental learning that is vital for strong and healthy development. The goal of gymnastics classes for
babies is to encourage them to explore, and to stimulate their mental, emotional and physical
development in a progressive and safe way. Gymnastics activities exercise both sides of the brain,
which develops body and spatial awareness and promotes strong early years development, as well
as assisting babies to reach critical developmental milestones.

Here are just some of the benefits of gymnastics for babies. Gymnastics classes will:
 Enhance their vestibular system (balance, gravity and movement)
 Assist the transformation of primitive reflexes into postural reflexes
 Develop their proprioceptive sense (which is important for awareness and motor control)
 Develop and hone fine motor skills
 Develop core strength and flexibility
 Introduce dominant movement patterns
 Develop socialisation skills
 Develop confidence to explore in a safe and friendly environment
 Provide valuable one-on-one bonding time with the caregiver

So, how do babies actually achieve all these benefits? They do so through activities such as:
 Eye-tracking
 Cross patterning, which helps develop both sides of the brain
 Muscle development activities
 Massage and physical stimulation
 Musical stimulation
 Tummy time, which teaches them how to lift their head
 Stimulation activities such as bubbles and exploration of different textures
 Songs and rhymes for cognitive development
 Leaning to move backwards with movement patterning
 Crawling over age-appropriate obstacles

So, while you might not find the babies swinging on the rings or flipping off the bars, you will find
them developing and maturing all their different capacities – muscle strengthening, coordination,
motor skills and vestibular development – and having a whole lot of fun while they’re doing so. Plus,
it’s a wonderful way for parents of babies to socialise and develop friendships with other likeminded
parents, and to spend that all-important time bonding with their baby.

Contact Allstar Gymnastics to find out more about how our baby classes can set your child up for a
healthy and happy life. Give us a call on (07) 4632 4363 or visit our website at

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