Empower Your Birth

Empower Your Birth

  Birth with Confidence is a HypnoBirthing® International – Australia’s leading holistic pregnancy program – with evidence showing that the 5-session structure provides a continuity of care approach with proven success. We know that HypnoBirthing®...

What do babies actually DO at gymnastics?

Gymnastics for babies – it sounds rather unusual. When people hear that we offer gymnastics classes for babies, and that we start as early as six weeks old, we get a lot of raised eyebrows, and people asking, “But what can babies actually DO at gymnastics?” It’s a...
Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

  Before we are born the world is very small, there’s the sound of our mothers heartbeat, a glow of light and shadow, it’s warm, wet and comfortable, we never experience hunger and thirst, all our needs are met. Then suddenly, the quiet, cozy, wet...

Tinker Time!!

Why Tinker? Do you have a kid who just loves to sit and draw all day? Do you have a kid that you want to encourage their creative side a little more but you just don’t know where to start yourself? Have you always wanted to give yourself the space to get your...

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